As an example, we cut part of the barrel off for a customer as they use the flat side to pop the ball up from the ground without using their hands. We also offer regular style fungos!

Custom Fungos

SKU: 005
Size (inches)
  • Fungos are specifically designed for coaches to easily hit ground balls and fly balls for infield or outfield practice. Coaches know that hitting ground balls and fly balls to their team can be tiring. The unique shape of fungo bats makes them light weight and extremely easy to swing without wearing your arms out.

  • Thank you for shopping at TBats. We appreciate your trust in our brand. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the sport, wood bats break. All 1 piece wood bats from all companies regardless of the price can break for various reasons. Getting jammed, off the end, hitting the ground or something other then a baseball, cold day or using a wood bat as a team bat could shorten the bats life. Some companies offer warranties, but they have to charge you more up front to cover the cost of having to replace a broken bat. 

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