With 35 years of experience in the baseball industry as a player, manager and team owner, Eric has always been driven to help others perform at their best. In 2015, he founded TBats from his garage in the beautiful Canadian capital city of Ottawa. Here, he transferred his woodworking abilities to the game of baseball by successfully crafting bats that were introduced to local amateur baseball leagues. 


After having a hard time keeping up with orders, Eric partnered with longtime friend, teammate and businessman Stephane Morrissette in 2019. Together, they've expanded the business exponentially by investing in a new wood shop studio that is custom fitted with CNC machinery.


The trusted leader in the production of custom hand finished baseball bats.



We hand finish professionally engineered wood bats with balance, feel, durability and power.

Quality and care is our top priority and unlike all machine made bats, our bats are hand finished with exceptional precision and detail. Our approach produces not only a solid product but a wonderful piece of art. Players will feel confident when stepping into the batter's box with a TBat

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